Michel Regenwetter

The geometry of probabilistic choice induced by heterogeneous hypothetical constructs and/or error-prone responses

Michel Regenwetter
University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign

You can find the video of the keynote here.


Heterogeneity of choice behavior has many potential sources: Different people may vary in the underlying hypothetical construct (e.g., preferences in decision making), a given individual may fluctuate in the hypothetical construct or be uncertain about it (e.g., uncertain preferences). Even for a given, fixed, latent state of a construct, overt behavior may vary due to probabilistic errors in responses. It is plausible that much behavior inside and outside the lab combines all of these sources of heterogeneity. This talk reviews a general geometric framework through which we can compare the parameter spaces induced by different types and sources of heterogeneity. This framework makes it possible to diagnose whether heterogeneity in observed behavior is due to heterogeneity in hypothetical constructs or in overt response processes.