Workshop 6 – Hufer

Introduction into behavior genetic analyses using data from TwinLife (A genetically informative study on the development of social inequality)

Anke Hufer

TwinLife is a genetically informative study on the development of social inequality, using a cross sequential-design. During the first wave of data collection, data concerning numerous different core areas of social inequality has been collected from 4.097 families (including overall 19.163 individuals).

In a first part of this workshop, we will give you an overview of the TwinLife study in general – design, constructs, and focuses of content, the open source dataset. On the basis of selected examples, we will give an introduction of behavior genetic analyses to get an idea of how you could use it for your own research questions. In the second part of the workshop, participants are invited to participate in practical exercises. Here you will learn how to implement this kind of structural equation models on genetically informative data. It’s also intended to get familiar with the data, which is available for researchers for free.

Especially for the practical session, our participants are requested to bring their own laptop. A basic understanding of structural equation models is very helpful.

Prior to the workshop, participants will be contacted to make sure that all technical requirements are clearly defined to enable a smooth running.

Maximum number of participants: 20

Please remark that the workshop can be cancelled if there are not enough participants. In any cases, you will be informed in time.

The participation at this workshop is free of charge. For registration or questions, please contact Anke Hufer ( The deadline for the registration is the 20. August.
The registration will not be via the ConfTool.